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About Us

Intellectual Property
– All the constituent elements of the skeleton of the site (photos, images, logos, animations flash®, modeled elements …), as well as the technological elements (software creations, administration back-office, services offered …) are protected by the Copyright and are the exclusive property of their respective authors, except in limiting cases of full or partial assignment of rights to JFIC.
– The contents of the site (texts, articles …) are the exclusive property of their authors and can not be reproduced or exploited without the agreement of these. JFIC only allows the reproduction of extracts of its articles via the RSS feeds present on its sites. In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 122-4 of the Code of Intellectual Property, any reproduction of a partial or total content of the site is prohibited, whatever its form (reproduction, nesting, dissemination, techniques of “inline linking “and” framing “…). Direct links to downloadable files (whatever their format) present on our site are also prohibited.
If you wish to establish a link with our site, and before any setting up of this one, please contact www. before setting up the link pointing to our site or its content. – Present texts from external sources have been reproduced with the implicit or explicit agreement of their respective authors. As such, mention is made on the site of the respective sources and authors.

Status of links and contents

External links
The links on the site (direct links, permalinks, partner links …) redirect the user to sites whose content and placed under the responsibility of the publishers of said sites. In any case, JFIC can not be held responsible for the content of these sites. As we attach particular importance to the legality of the contents of the sites to which our links point, we ask you to indicate to us any content that may seem unlawful to you on the sites to which links have been put in place.

The contents of the sites published by JFIC have been elaborated with the utmost care. As such, no illegal or defamatory content is disseminated on them. In addition, they do not present any character that can be considered as “misleading advertising” within the meaning of Articles 121-1 et seq. Of the Consumer Code.

Advertisements on the sites
Advertisements can be presented on our sites. These can come from external sources (third-party affiliate management platform, Google® ads …) or be managed by our own advertising agency. JFIC can not be held responsible for the “deceptive or aggressive” nature of advertisements from external sources.
With regard to advertisements governed by JFIC, it reserves the right not to broadcast advertising of a clearly misleading nature within the meaning of Articles 121-1 and following of the Consumer Code.

Informatique et Libertés
In accordance with recommendation 2005-284 of the CNIL, this website has not been the subject of a declaration as such. However, all present or future data processing concerning this site have been or will be declared to the CNIL.
The aforementioned treatments comply with the NS48 of 07/06/2005 published by the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL). You can find the complete features in our “data protection” section.
In accordance with Articles 38 and 40 of Law 2004-801 of 06/08/2004, you have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning you.
This right can be exercised online by sending an e-mail to the address info @ naturally-bio .com or by mail to the following address: JFIC – 78 Rue de la Garenne – 44700 Orvault

Terms of exercise of the right of access (right can not be exercised on site)
Before you send personal data, we will ask you to provide us with proof of your identity. If you are unable to prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you personal data about you.

In accordance with the decree 2007-451 of 25/03/2007, your request will be satisfied within a maximum of 2 months, subject to the undisputed nature of this one. A lump sum may not exceed that corresponding to the reproduction of documents will be charged to you following your request.
Concerning the rights of rectification and deletion: the preconditions are identical to those concerning the right of access.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection
A section specifically dedicated to our data protection and privacy policy has been written for this purpose. Please consult it on our sites by clicking on the “data protection” section.

All our sites are hosted on the servers of the company: Web creations

service The customer service of can be contacted electronically (mail), at the address info @ naturally-bio .com or by phone at: +33 (0) 2 40 94 60 38 at the following times: Monday to Friday 10 am 1 pm and 2 pm 5:30 pm.

Data protection of the site

This policy sets out how we treat the information we collect about you when you visit our site.
We attach the utmost importance to respect for the privacy and the individual data of our users.
We also attach great importance to protecting your privacy and your personal data in the way we create, organize and implement our online and offline activities. In order to maintain maximum protection with respect to the personal data we process, our sites and the entities administering them will comply with the principles set out in:
• The OECD Council Recommendation on Guidelines for the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data (C (80) 58 / FINAL).
• The European directive 95/46 / CE on the protection of personal data
• The French law 78-17 modified by the Law 2004-801 of 06/08/2004 (known as the Data-processing law and Freedoms) and its decrees of application

Link Status
The specific practices described in this Privacy Policy Statement relate only to the aforementioned website. External links from other bodies / entities linked to JFIC may be present on our sites, for editorial, partnership, advertising, payment … .. We draw your attention to the fact that we are not responsible for the policy of privacy and content of external sites.
As such, we recommend that you review the privacy policy statements of other bodies / entities when you visit their website (s). Nevertheless, we try to do our utmost to study the content of the sites of our partners and advertisers before any collaboration.

Specifications on use and data collection (information automatically recorded)
You can visit our website without disclosing any personal information. However, some services that you use require the collection and retention of a number of automatically recognized items. The collection of these data is done by means of cookies, intended to improve our services, and which can be used also for the compilation of statistics. A cookie is a piece of data sent to your browser from a website and stored on your hard drive.
Cookies are present in the private areas of our sites (if the user is registered); they are used to record the visitor’s password so that he does not have to re-enter it at each new visit. These cookies may include the following information:

– Some categories requested during a registration: Pseudo, Name, First name, Email address, Date of birth …
– If the user checked the box “remember and the username and password”, these two elements are coded and added to the cookie.
– If a user registered in one of our private spaces returns to the site without identifying himself, the elements registered in the “cookie” make it possible to recognize it (except if he erased the cookies manually, in which case the server goes automatically generate a new cookie).
We inform you that you can oppose the registration of “cookies” by configuring your browser. To know what to do depending on the browser you use, please consult the help section of it.

Collection and use of data provided voluntarily
It is not essential to register on our site. You can check this one even if you do not want to register or provide personal information, but in this case, you will not be able to buy online, receive newsletters by email, or contact us electronically. . We respect your wishes, and will never collect personal data about you without your explicit consent.
If we collect data that you provide to us during the creation of your private spaces, through orders, surveys, contests or other forms, as well as in the emails you send to us, we can extract anonymous pieces of information and combine them with others.
This information, which can only be used and analyzed in aggregate form, helps us to better understand some trends and usage patterns. They are never processed individually. If you do not want the information related to your transaction to be used in this way, you can either disable your cookies or stop the registration at the query level.
All data processing relating to our customers and prospects using our website comply with the Simplified Standard N ° 48 of 07/06/2005 published by the CNIL. For details of these treatments (recipients, purpose, shelf life, processed data), please click here.
These data treatments have been implemented by our treatment manager whose contact details can be found in the “legal information” section.

Protection of data of minors The use of our site is reserved for adults. Any data collection that may be carried out with minors must be subject to information from the parental authority, which has the capacity to oppose any processing concerning said data.

However, any adult with parental authority may, under his responsibility, offer the use of our site and the services associated with his minor child.

Free choice of visitor
We collect personal data if they are provided voluntarily when you use our services. You can choose to create a private area on our sites, receive promotional letters or marketing information from us or our partners by choosing the desired options at the time of your registration.
All our registrations respect the principle of active Opt-In or Double Opt-In and always require voluntary action on your part. If you choose to register, to order, the information you provide will be available to staff of our entities, as well as to authorized third parties who will use it as part of event management.
If you no longer wish to receive promotional information or marketing information from us or our partners, simply let us know by e-mail as mentioned in the “legal information” section or by using the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of each newsletter.
We also provide you with several ways to contact us in order to exercise your rights or to express your desire to send us personal data (for example, non-exhaustive list):
– By ticking a box at the place of your site where the data are collected (Opt-in active)
– By confirming a voluntary action by mail (double Opt-In)
– By making an order in accordance with the provisions of the LCEN
– By sending an electronic message
– By sending a postal mail
– In dialing a phone number

Privacy and Security
Our concern is to preserve the quality and integrity of your personal information. Technologies and security policies applied by us and our technical service providers protect our users’ personal data against unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, malicious or accidental destruction and unintentional loss of data. .
We are continually improving our security procedures as technologies evolve to maintain a maximum level of protection. On our website, the transmission of your personal data is secured according to different protocols guaranteeing the highest degree of protection in line with the existing technology and the category of personal data transmitted:
Category 1: primary personal data (name, email, coordinates ….)
Category 2: other personal profile data (description, hobbies, tastes ….)
Category 3: identifiers (credit card number, private area identifiers ….)
All our employees, subcontractors and authorized third parties who have access to the data or are associated with their processing are required to respect the confidentiality of the personal data of our visitors, customers and prospects.
We guarantee that your personal data will not be communicated to institutions or governmental authorities, except in cases provided for by law or regulation.

In order to maintain the highest degree of protection with regard to the personal data we hold about our visitors, customers and prospects, we submit ourselves to a regular self-assessment. This self-assessment is performed by the controller and covers both technical and organizational measures.
It also covers the regular relations we have with our subcontractors, partners and authorized third parties regarding their data protection policy.

Right of access, rectification, deletion
In accordance with articles 38 et seq. Of amended Law 78-17, you have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning you.
Concerning the right of access:
Before sending you personal data, we will ask you to provide us with proof of your identity.
If you are unable to prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you personal data about you.
We strive to respond to these requests in a timely manner.
Concerning the rights of rectification and deletion:
the preconditions are identical to those concerning the right of access.

Notification of Changes
The creation of new services on our sites may require changes to this privacy policy statement. In this case, we will notify these changes in this topic. We will also declare to the CNIL these modifications if they require it.